Welcome to Blue Moon Baubles!

Hello everyone, and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to check out my online jewelry store. This is my first online business so everything is a new learning experience. It has been quite the process in getting to this point. Life has thrown a few curve balls over the last four years but I'm finally here. Yay! 

My Blue Moon Baubles journey started with my sister showing me what she had learned from a few jewelry classes that she had taken. A big thank you goes to you, Lila! I was so excited by what she taught me, and since I have always had an interest in jewelry and jewelry making, the next thing to do was head to Shipwreck Beads to buy tools and supplies which my husband, Al, generously purchased me for our anniversary gift that year. Next, I took a Michael's class where I learned the basics of bead stringing. I was on my way! Then life happened. I stopped making jewelry for the next two years. Then, last year, I discovered YouTube. My jewelry making skills were taken to a new level thanks to the amazing teaching talents of many artisans. I want to give a special shoutout to a few of them. Special thanks go to Sara Lovecraft, Gina (GGC Treasures), Sam Siegal, and Luisa (Misty Moon Designs). All of you are excellent instructors and motivators. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, enthusiasm, and love of jewelry making with me and the rest of the world!! I am forever in your debt. 

I believe jewelry is wearable art and a form of self expression.  I hope to make jewelry that people can love and feel good in. Most of my jewelry is nature inspired. Nature's colors, shapes, and shading have always amazed me.

I plan to use this blog to inform customers about new products, care of jewelry, and to share my jewelry making adventures. Thank you for starting this journey with me.